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CALL  800.868.4368  TODAY

Cut Costs.  Cut Downtime.  CutSmart.

Custom Tool Management That Gives You an Edge

The exact tool you need.  Exactly when you need it.  Without paying for it until you use it.  That's the promise behind CutSmart, the innovative tool management program by Commonwealth Tool Specialty.

With CutSmart, we design a custom inventory program that matches the precise needs of your company.  Whether it's vending machines, stocked supply cabinets or something uniquely yours, CutSmart delivers high-quality cutting tools when you need them. You don't pay for your cutting tools until you use them.  So your line stays up, your costs stay down, your inventory is reduced, and your plant sees a substantial cost-per-cut savings.

CTS created CutSmart because our customers demand high productivity of themselves, and high cost-effectiveness of their suppliers.  Our over 35 years of experience in the specialty cutting tools industry has given us an insight into what today's companies need.  More than that, it's given us an edge.

And with CutSmart, now the edge is yours.

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Cut Costs.

Cut Downtime.


Custom Tool Management That Gives You an Edge